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First Half Marathon

I did it! I have to admit that I am pretty pleased with myself. I did better than I thought I would with all the recent obstacles.

I made a little breakdown of my thought process, mile by mile.

I woke up too early. Tried to choke down some oatmeal. It was cold. And windy.

Standing in line for the bus, my face felt like it was frozen. I made it to the start line after an excruciating 30 minute wait for the port a potty.

Mile 1: Save your energy.  What am I doing? What in the world made me think I could go 13.1 miles?

Mile 2My legs hurt. My shins feel like they are on fire.


Mile 3Only 10 more to go!  5K time 37:41 nice steady pace

Mile 4: Please don’t let me lose a toenail. Please don’t let  me lose a toenail.

Mile 5: I just got passed by a guy pushing a wheelchair. He wasn’t in the wheelchair, he was actually pushing someone in a wheelchair… my excuses are forgotten for the moment.


Mile 6I just ran my first 10K!  1:17:52 still a nice slow pace

Mile 7: I can’t believe I haven’t had to pee yet.  I’m halfway! Oh hell, I’m only halfway

Mile 8I want Chipotle. Like now.

Mile 9:  Just devoured a Gu like a champ. Tastes so good and I am so hungry that I almost double back for another packet. Please let this give me a burst of energy. I can feel my legs starting to wobble.

Mile 10I think Gu is making me need to poop. It’s sitting in my stomach like a brick. My legs want to stop. 2:07:15 I have been running for two hours.

Mile 12: What the hell happened to mile 11? I don’t remember it at all. Why does my jaw hurt? I must be clenching. I try to focus on relaxing and push through. I am getting slower and slower.

The last half mile is a blur. I knew I was almost done and could tell that I was going to beat my goal of three hours! Just. Keep. Running.

I cross the finish line!  People are handing me food, water, chocolate milk. I shove everything I can into my mouth. Someone hands me a medal and a foil blanket. I can’t feel the cold yet.

I look around at all the people hugging and talking and feel this tiny sadness that I have no one to share this with. No one to hug while I am all sweaty and full of pride. The tears start to come.

I stop myself and remember why I do this. It’s for me. I do it to prove to myself that I am strong. That I can push through when I need to.  That I do not need to be afraid of my demons.


  • Average Pace 12:50
  • Chip Time 02:48:05

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